Matt's Theory of Society

It goes like this: As societies age, they become more complex. To counter this, the government (the agent in society that interacts with all people) must offset the increasing complexity in the lives of people by taking that complexity into their institutional structures, thereby freeing people from the rising complexity of society.

Put simply: Society gets more complex, making our lives more complex. To make our lives easier, the government needs to take on the complexity.

Example1: Cars, trucks, and other road-based methods of mechanical transportation were introduced, so the government took some of the complexity out of the question by creating and (occasionally) maintaining a clearly marked system of roads. These roads connected regular destinations and population centers, so we don't have to make and mark our own trails to follow.

Example2: As work became more physically strenuous and dangerous (e.g. more manufacturing jobs in the economy) and as pollution grew worse around us (e.g. all the exhaust from cars using leaded gasoline), government should have taken the burden of healthcare off our shoulders and provided a single-payer healthcare system. If our health declines, or is at risk of decline, our healthcare needs will become more complicated and the government must take on that complication.

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