Prosperity Dividend, I guess

"Because when America prospers, we should, too." - Me, while writing this

A Continuous Stimulus

Sry it's a week late, I was hit by the derecho and my power and internet went out. So, I got to thinking about how precarious of a situation I'm in. Having a Universal Basic Income would be immensely helpful, but selling it to corporatists is going to be a challenge. I think I may have a solution. Maybe.

Consumer spending accounts for slightly more than 2/3 of America's economy. With it being such a large part of GDP, we can infer two things from this:
  1. When the economy is doing well, consumer spending is high
  2. When the economy is in a downturn, consumer spending falls
If we want to recover from a depression or recession, we will need to support consumer spending and increase it to the doing well/high position from the downturn/fallen it would fall to. How can we do this? Giving the consumers something to spend, of course.

If this is truly about consumer spending, its funding mechanism should be related to consumer spending, which would point to a sales tax or value added tax. Revenues from such a tax will need to be placed into a trust which will pay its entire contents monthly to all adults in the United States (the largest amount of consumers), capped at the poverty level for a single person for annual total benefits.

If this is truly about propping up consumer spending in tough times, the payouts would have to not fall below what it was the year previous (when the economy was not in a downturn). Since people experience the economy on a monthly basis (e.g. utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, phone bills, etc.) these payments should occur on a monthly basis.

To distribute the money to the people, the payouts would come in the form of a direct deposit or be loaded onto a debit card.

Okay, those are my thoughts. #Vote4Me if you want to, I guess. Regular schedule resumes in a week, I guess.