Stay-At-Home Strike

When the quarantine is over, I say we should just stay home until we get the following:

  1. A $15/hr minimum wage. If we're going to be working after the most dangerous time in our lives (when we won't know if everything is safe or not yet), we need to make sure we're being paid properly for our possibly risking our lives
  2. Medicare for All. Coronavirus is going to have many long-lasting health implications for people and we should be able to get treatment for that, no matter who we are or what we've done. It would be greatly uneven and unfair for some people to be receiving healthcare and not others, so we should have everyone covered. Perhaps we should nationalize the hospitals, too, so we can ensure a smooth transition and continued coverage for patients, thus creating an American NHS-style system.
  3. A Federal Jobs Guarantee. If this is going to lead up to the Great Depression 2: Electric Boogaloo (economists are CONSERVATIVELY projecting 20% unemployment, with estimates as high as 30% unemployment), we should revive the Works Progress Administration and mobilize all of the people who are currently at home having been laid off (3.28 million unemployment claims in the first week of all this). What would we put people to work doing? Perhaps a new New Deal, perhaps one conscious of the environmental impacts of humanity and focusing on retooling our economy away from burning dinosaur juice and using more readily available sources of energy, like solar power or wind energy.
  4. A Universal Basic Income. We shouldn't have to worry about not having enough to live while the government takes weeks to setup services we should have had in place weeks ago when we knew this was coming. People are fearing not having enough to eat, not knowing if they'll be evicted because they can't pay their rent, might have their cars repossessed because they can't make payments, don't know if their utilities will be shut off, etc. Putting a moratorium on evictions and utility shutoffs is fine for the time of the crisis, but when we can get back out in the world after this is all over and there's a New Great Depression going on, we can't rely on a temporary moratorium. Society should guarantee the minimum to all people in the society in which they live.
We should never let a serious crisis go to waste. By staying at home (either as voluntary social distancing or because of stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders), the economy has ground to a halt. We have seen roughly 10 Million unemployment claims in the past two weeks. Without workers, the billionaires and massive corporations cradled so tenderly at the center of our current economic setup have nothing. By refusing to return to work, we will be able to leverage the economic downturn to our benefit and force those in power to stop neglecting the downtrodden people of society who must obey the people who dole out paychecks for jobs few want but many must take to make ends meet.