Intent of Existence

"Go west, young man, go west and grow up with the country."
- Horace Greeley

Much as Horace Greeley called for westward expansion, I believe we should call for another movement: leftward expansion (but without the atrocities against native populations that came with westward expansion). As it is now, progressive politics is experiencing a wild west phase, welcoming everyone wanting to settle there but without a great onboarding process--it can be scary to just get here without knowing many friendly people or be having to worry about whether "Bernie Bros" are gonna scare your soul out of your body.

A new progressive movement is on the rise and we should be inviting and informing as many people as possible. I am intending to have a starting point for people partial to progressive politics. We'll cover things like Medicare for All, the implementation of a wealth tax, a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Federal Jobs Guarantee (FJG), UBI vs. FJG, a Green New Deal, ranked-choice/instant runoff voting, and other things that find traction on the left flank of American politics.

Welcome, everyone, to the Leftward Expansion.